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Infrastructure Management

>Infrastructure specialists.

CNCF, Openshift, Kubernetes, Rancher, Grafana, Elastic Stack

We are experts within Openshift, Kubernetes, Rancher, CNCF, the Ansible tech stack and Terraform. Our good knowledge of these technologies makes us package your requirements in modern ways. Such as managed services or as consulting experts to assure the maximum value

The moon belongs to no one (yet)

We are a group of internationals and professionals aiming to build scalable and cost-efficient infrastructure for the modern world leveraging open source.

Monitor your machine data

With Elastic cloud you will be sure that you are in control of your cloud whether on-premises or in the public cloud. Sudo offers a Elastic cloud setup with operations, scalability and security all as a Service


The sudo conspiracy is experienced superusers coming together utilising their superpowers towards creating cloud native IT infrastructure, automation, microservices above and beyond 2021.