Bleeding-edge kubernetes



Go from zero to a fully automated CNCF compliant Kubernetes platform within 3 hours on your own choice of hardware. We can service all your cloud native platform needs from data processing to service management. Our kubernetes solution Octopus will dramatically improve your organisations productivity and time to market saving you substantial amounts in costs and time of development.

What is Kubernetes and why should you have it?

Designing and implementing a secure, reliable and repeatable Kubernetes solution for your business can be time consuming and daunting. We know this because all our colleuges have worked for large companies and organisations prior to joining Sudo and launching Octopus.

The conspiracy.

Octopus is not only a Kubernetes solution. It's a full ecosystem for the GitOps way of life. The platform comes with storage, load balancing and CI/CD tools to create a fast and easy way to deploy your code.

Call us for a demo.

We will have you running a full Kubernetes platform within the hour. The solution is fully Open Source, but also fully supported by Rancher. We are so confident in the solution that we are willing to give you a demo installation to try out for 30 days, completely free of charge.